Földeák-Hagymatikum CUP


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21-22 March 2015 (saturday-sunday)

Földeák - Kornél forest,
Földeák – village

Makó - riverside of Maros

Makó – city

Maccabi VAC, Orienteering Section

Main patron:
Czirbus Gábor
Vice Mayor of Makó

Hajnal Gábor
Mayor of Földeák

Scheitzner Beáta

Manager of Hagymatikum Spa

Main sponsors:
Council of Makó

Hagymatikum Spa

Council of Földeák

Cultural Center of Földeák

Organizer Committee:

President: MátyásPaskuj

Secretary: Erzsébet Kanász-Nagy

Course setter: Endre Vörös

Controller: Kornél Szőri

Start: Anikó Baranyi

Finish: Attila Apró

Free entry for all competitiors to the MAKÓ HAGYMATIKUM SPA from 15h saturday to end of sunday!

30% discount tickets for family members.

Form of competition:
4-stages short distance individual regional event


M/W 10DK, 10C 12C, 14B, 16B, 18B, 21B, 21BR, 35B, 45B, 55B, 65B Open

Children race: taped course

Categories may be merged.

First 3 of each category will receive medals, diplomas and special prizes based on overall results.
Everyone on Children race will be prized.

SportIdent system will be used.

SI chip number must be given on entry.

Entry fee: 3200 HUF/person/4 stages, 1000 HUF/person/stage

M/W 10–14, open: 2400 HUF/person/4 stages, 700 HUF/person/stage

SI chip rent 300 HUF/person/stage, free for M/W 10-14

Children race: free entry

Web: http://www.entry.mtfsz.hu

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please give the following data: club, name, category, date of birth, SI chip number.

Entries will be confirmes in 2 days. If confirmation id not received please repeat entry.

Entry deadline:
16 March 2015

Creating start list:
17 March 2015

Földeák - Kornél forest, Földeák - village, Makó - riverside of Maros, Makó – city

Corrected in 2014-2015, scale: 1:5000, contours: 1 m.

Flat terrain, varied runnability, city, park.

1st day: until 9:30 – Földeák, Kornél forest
2nd day: until 9:30 – Makó Maros Adventure Park

First starts on 21th March
1st stage: 10:00 Földeák, Kornél forest
2nd stage: 14:00 Földeák, Szent László square

First starts on 22th March
3rd stage: 10:00 Makó, Maros Adventure Park
4th stage: 14:00 Makó, Hagymatikum Spa

Prize giving ceremony:
16:00 – Makó, Makovecz square (in front of Hagymatikum spa)

Pencake party on Saturday between the stages at Cultural Center of Földeák. Everyone is welcome!

Location, event center:
1st day: Földeák, Kornél forest: Marked from road nr. 4415 between Hódmezővásárhely and Makó at16–17 km.

2nd day: Makó Maros Adventure Park: Marked from road nr. 43 at Makó, then follow the signes.

Accomodation: Youth hostel in Makó for Saturday evening: 2800 HUF/person/night

Gym hall in Makó for Saturday evening: 800 HUF/person/night

Pension in Makó (Bástya Panzió) for Saturday evening: 4000 HUF/person/night

Other accomodation: www.mako.hu

Bulletin will be sent for entried competiotors.

All competitors take part at their own risk!

Wish you a great competition!