Entry: via MTFSZ ENTRY (preferred way) on the following links:




or via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All e-mails will be answered within two days. In case of no reply please resend your e-mail entry. Please specify the following data with each entry: club, name, category, date of birth, SI number.


Entry date
F/N-14 and 60– F/N 16–55 Night race Relay/runner
1 day 3 day 1 day 3 day 1 day 1 day
until 05. 05. 2014. 1400 Ft 3400 Ft 2100 Ft 5600 Ft 1300 Ft 1300 Ft
until 28. 05. 2014. 1600 Ft 4300 Ft 2400 Ft 6100 Ft 1500 Ft 1500 Ft
after 28. 05. 2014. 1900 Ft 4900 Ft 2700 Ft 7100 Ft 1800 Ft 1800 Ft

SI rent: 200 HUF/race

Open categories: every race HUF 1500 at any time.

Changes of categories and/or names (in all categories) after 25.05.2014 for HUF 500/day. In case of changes into higher categories differences of entry fees also have to be paid.
Entries for all three days include a free of charge 3-day spa ticket to St. Elizabeth Spa, from Saturday afternoon till Monday evening.