MEFOB 2013 Event Info

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Welcome to all the participants!


On behalf of the Hungarian University and College Sport Federation:
Maccabi Fencer and Athletic Club Orienteering Section


Main patron:

Dr. Gábor Szabó, Rector of University of Szeged



Dr. Ádám Kiss

Sarolta Monspart
Dr. László Solymos
Ferenc Petró

Ádám Jusztin



President: Mátyás Paskuj

Course setter: Gábor Forrai, Miklós Forrai

Check referee: József Lipp

Secretary: Norbert Bozsó

Start: Sámuel Paskuj

Finish: Attila Apró

SPORTident: Gábor Forrai

Children’s race: Paskuj Sára

Parking: Nyári Sándor

Photo-Video: Tamás Blidár

Sound : Kókai Károly

Doctor: Dr. Andrea Cserjés

Place of the event (event centre, finish):

Bedő Albert Secondary School
Ásotthalom, Kiss Ferenc krt. 76.

GPS: N 46.20486, E 19.77761


Programme of Szeged Cup:

26. Saturday




Middle distance „0” time


Orienteering „party” Fényes Restaurant Ásotthalom

27. Sunday




Normal distance „0” time


Prize giving ceremony


Form of the competiton:

1. day: Middle distance regional ranking competiton
2. day: long distance regional ranking competiton


1. day: Szeged Cup: 12:30–13:30
2. day: Szeged Cup 8:30–9:30
New entry and changing until the empty places.

Entry fee:

1000 HUF/person, M/W 10-14 700 HUF/person
SI rent : 200 HUF/person
Children's race is free.

Merged categories:

M18B>M15-18C, W14B>W15-18C, W18B>W, W65>W55


FN10D, 12C, 15-18C, 21B, 21BR, 35, 45, 55, F14B, F65, NYÍLT

Finish-Start distance:

1. day: 1600 m,
2. day: 1800 m blue-white signs

Planned „0" time:

Szeged Cup 1. day: 14:00,
Szeged Cup 2. day: 10:00


1:10 000/1m rectified in 2011 according to IOF, reviewed in 2013.
Size of teh map: 1. day: 21 x 29,7 cm, 2. day: 42 x 29,7 cm


Typical flatland with dense network, changing runability, mainly clear forest.
There are „white runability" parts where the undergrowth is high.


IOF symbol, extrasymbol, scissor, scotch tape in the start.

Fresh point:

M21B category, at 2/3 of the course, next to the check point.

Competiton time:

1. day: middle ditance: 90 mins
2. day: long distance 180 mins

Children's race:

1. day: from 15:00 2. day: from 11:00 , at finish area.


Next to the finish area. Please follow the instructions.


Youth hostel: Ásotthalmon, at event centre: Bedő Albert Secondary School, Kiss Ferenc krt. 76.
Gym: Ásotthalom 800,– HUF/person/night

Orienteering „party":
Fényes Restaurant Ásotthalom, Felszabadulás street 43. The event will be for the particants of the Hungarian University and College Championship but everybody can take part.
1000 HUF/person (dinner, drink)


Overall results, the two days 1-3. runners get medal and diploma.
Every runner gets a little present on Children's race.


– Both days will be Buffet.
– SI system will be used, if it doesn' work , punch on the map.
– Symbol on the map. Extra symbol in the start.
– Silviculture is going on in the terrain, so new path can be.
– Courses of the first day cross a low-traffic road, please take care. The 55. road, on the edge of the map is prohibited area, which is signed on the map.
– Refreshing at finish.
– Everyone take part on their own risk.
– In case of lost the finish can be informed: +36-20-9521-022

– Please take care of your environment and nature.
– Smoking, fire setting is forbidden.
– The participants (competitors, viewers) accept that photos, recordings taken on the competition – unless prohibitive written notice is made to the Organizers – can be published in the media or on the Internet.

Good luck!