János Papp Memorial Competition Invitation


János Papp Memorial Competition
Regional Normal Distance Individual Orienteering Event

Downloadable invitation: .doc

Date of event: 6. September 2015. (Sunday)

Event centre: Ruzsa (Mérgesi forest) Napraforgó Vendégház: Ruzsa Tanya 9.

Organizer: The Orienteering Section of Maccabi Fencer and Athletic Club

Organizing Committee:

President: Mátyás Paskuj

Secretary: Norbert Bozsó

Course setter: Tamás Hajnács

Controller : Kornél Szőri

SportIdent: Zsolt Gesztesi


Form of the competition: Open, normal distance, individual regional ranking competition .

Categories:M/W 10D, 12C, 14B, 16B, 18B, 21B, 21BR, 35B, 45B, 55B, 65B, Open

Children’s race: not ranking course, more age-groups

Categories may be merged, in case of not enough runner.

Prizes: First 3 of each category will receive medals and special prizes.

Every child get present on Children’s race.


SportIdent punching system will be used.

Please write the SI card number with the entry!


Entry: MTFSZ ENTRY (preferred way) or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All e-mails will be answered within two days. In case of no reply please resend your e-mail entry.

Please specify the following data with each entry: club, name, category, date of birth, SI number.

Entry fee: M/W 21-65 1000 HUF/runner

M/W 10-18 , Open 600 HUF/runner

SI-rent : 300 HUF/runner

Children’s race is free.

After voting date and inthe event centre each changing costs 300 HUF (except in Open category).

Entry fee have to be paid at the event centre.

Entry deadline : until 31. August 2015. (Monday)


Each runner will be welcomed for dinner (Hungarian Goulash soup ) at the finish area, in Napraforgó Guesthouse.


Vote: 2. September 2015. (Wednesday)

Terrain: Flatland with sandhills, dense network, changeable coverage and runability.

Map: Made in 2010, corrected in 2015.

scale 1:10 000 , 1 m contour distance

Punchdefinition: Symbol, spare symbol, cello tape and scissors are in the start.

Meeting: until 10:00

Planned „0” time: 11:00

Planned prize giving ceremony: 14:00

Approaching the competition centre: Leave Ruzsa around Pusztamérges, after 800 m turn right to a sandy road , after 1200 m turn left to Napraforgó Guesthouse . Guide posts will help to reach the competition centre.


Every competitor take parts on their own risk!

Good luck and wish you having a good time during competition!

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